Friday, October 10, 2008

School Holidays (Sept 29-Oct 10)

Here's some pictures taken from the garden through the school holidays...lotsa dirt, lotsa greens, lotsa action, and lotsa smiling faces!

ready for transplanting

Aquila preparing the beds

transplanting tomatoes

watering lettuces is meant to be a father-daughter experience

Maddie and the biggest turnip to come out of the garden (1.1 kg!)

Katie helping herself to some peas

Hannah getting ready to plant a tree

Sally looking after Bed 4

Amy and our new pumpkin patch

Busy bodies: Josh, Steve, Amy, Sally, and Hannah

And the broadbeans start beaning

Sal transplanting lettuces to Bed 4.
The organic garden is tremendously thankful for all your help, wisdom, and coolness Sal!
We've managed to do so much work! Looking forward to more.

See you guys soon!

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