Monday, June 23, 2008

June 18

Harvested the bok-choys today...! Also included 2 articles on the garden published by the Canberra Times over the last two weeks! Woohoo...word's getting out!

Reaping what you sow (-ed just 2 months ago)
Trish: Stir fry for dinner, for sure.

Cath and Robin in the Canberra Times 11/06: "Guerilla Gardener" by Susan Parsons

Amy and Lawrence in the Canberra Times 18/06: "All Things Beautiful" by Susan Parsons


Also, here's the dvd we're screening for the BBQ this Thursday June 26! It has to do heaps with organic gardening as a mode of self-sufficiency.

"The Power of Community"

See you all there!

Monday, June 16, 2008

June 12 pictures & info for End of Semester BBQ and Movie Night! (June 26, 4-7pm)

Just a few pictures here.

I couldn't resist. I couldn't not put these pictures up.



turnips and brocollis!

they're-a-coming (turnips)!

Bak-choys, oriental mix, ready for harvesting!


sugar peas!

Doesn't the great condition of the garden just inspire you to organise, i dunno, some sort of BBQ or Movie night by the garden just so you could have a reason to hang around the garden with other like-minded folks?

a-ha, 2 steps ahead of you!!!! read after the gap. and spread the word!


SLC End of Semester BBQ and Movie Night!

June 26, Thursday 4-7pm

Celebrate the end of semester at the
Sustainability Learning Community Organic Garden! Good food, good company, and good fun!

Have you been curious about the SLC or the (now thriving) campus organic garden but haven't had a chance to get involved? Here is your chance to see and taste what it's all about!

- A free BBQ and whatever is ready to eat from the garden
- An introduction to the various initiatives being run by the SLC and the Canberra Environment Centre
- Screening of "The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil" + fresh pumpkin soup

June 26 Thursday, from
4-7pm at the Canberra Environment Centre and SLC Garden (Corner of Lawson Crescent and Lennox Crossing).

Tag your friends along and RSVP to
Lawrence at for catering purposes, or for other enquiries!

Hooray, see you there!