Sunday, August 31, 2008

August 25 & 28 (Late winter, sunny & windy)

Sowing for spring began this week! Check out the many different and sustainable methods we've attempted in order to raise healthy seedlings! We've also began mowing in the peas and the beans on the top bed in preparation for direct seed sowing next week!

Making a note of what seeds go into which type of mix

the different combinations of seedling mixes we conjured up

newspaper "punnets"--what i thought was going to be difficult origami turned out to be very fun and easy
more sowing
what we sowed in for this batch: tomato quickpick & roma, eggplant, leek, radish, capsicum, zuchinni and pumpkin

the greenhouse effect
Sarah and a turnip

flowering too soon

nitrogen fixing nodules (white globular stuff on the roots) from the beans and the peas

a forkful of peas

to be mowed in and composted in the soil

See you all next week!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

August 18 & 21 (Late Winter, Sunny)

Of bees, seeds and mixes.

Spreading the love

Hanging out

Lone bok-choy flowering into symmetry

Chinese cabbage sisters

turnips round 2

Spring seeds

Kelvin and Amy by the newly finished lower bed

Kelvin mixing up some compost, sand and topsoil for the seedling mix

See you all at the garden!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

August 11 & 14 (Winter, sunny, very windy), Spring plan, and new garden time added

And we're back!

First of all, a new working bee time has been added: Wednesdays 10-12pm. So be sure to visit us!

Next, with the help of Sally, we've just finished coming up with a rough plan for next season's plantings and activities.

The garden's got lots of exciting thing planned up : like putting up interpretive signs, moving up the beds to accomodate perrenials, structuring for more efficient water use, expanding the beds, and building habitats for biodiversity (lizard and bird homes!). See below!


Chinese cabbage flower, for seed saving later

Garden late winter
Looking good
Amy mixing and mashing compost, sand, and leaf mould for the garden's seedling mix
our recycled seed raising facility

Jenn, Sally, and Barbara

Spring plan! Would you look at that! (click to zoom!)

We will be ordering seeds for next season today, and raising some as seedlings (in the little recycled greenhouse facility above) starting next week! So be sure to come and join us.

And watch out for posters about the garden around the campus! Spread the word!

Friday, August 1, 2008

July 28 & 31 (Winter, cloudy & sunny)

Hello all!
Watch out for emails from the garden list over the next coming weeks! There will be several new opportunities for everyone to get involved with the garden, among them being:

1) planning for next season's veggies, 2) making interpretive signs for the garden, 3) creatively coming up with pest deterrant measures (a scarecrow making session anyone?) for this and next season's veggies!

Here's some pictures from the garden this week: (note: I'll jot down the type of season/weather experienced during the week beside the dates from now on!--hope this helps)

the beginnings of a complementary container garden by the beds
(the idea being we grow seedlings in the bottles and transplant them into the beds when they're ready)

spinach growing out of a recycled coke bottle

a sea of onion and parsnip tops

a re-mulched 4th bed
(we've started using dry leaves around the garden for mulch and found they work pretty, if not, as well as straw mulch for our purposes)

a broadbean flowering

David and Holly

Cath wondering what's happening with the brussel sprouts (the purple leafed veggie) and the kale (the long wrinkled veggie by the right)

Trish cutting up some used carpet

Trish and Amy laying out some carpet on the paths
between the beds to smother the encroaching weeds



Selecting the biggest of the lot to weigh in
and eat for later

and the winner is...

the bok-choy weighed in at around 1.7 kg; the chinese cabbage at 1.25, and the turnip at .25

Catch you all next week!