Friday, October 31, 2008

October highlights! (Spring, Warm, Very Warm and occasionally Drizzly)

It's all happening at the Garden.

October reminded everyone that there is certainly a physical component to setting up a sustainable garden and growing great veggies! And we've had plenty of physical activity and exercise going on this month: sowing seeds, transplanting all sorts of veggies, planting lots of trees, transferring dirt and mulch, building up no dig structures, picking produce, moving beds, the works! But it's all sweat and smiles.

Started consigning some of the Garden's peas to the ANU Food Co-op this October too, and they're selling really well! So be sure to get some for your next veggie basket...Support the local food system!

Sally has suggested we turn the unused southern beds into a bush food garden! What a terrific idea! So watch out for that!

Here's some highlights from the productive month of October.

Amy transplanting seedlings into Bed 1: Tomatoes (and lots of it), basil, potatoes (top), capsicum, potatoes (middle), eggplant, potatoes (bottom)

Cucumbers at Bed 4

Zucchinis at Bed 3

Corn at Bed 3

Radishes, leeks, beetroots and carrots in an experimental mini-water spike system at Bed 2

Pumpkin patch!

Extending the garden to the back of the Centre's wall, planted calendulas, mint, comfrey, and sunflowers (can't wait to see this go wild!).

Beetroot from the herb spiral

And the onions are ready. Tangy and sweet brown and spanish types.

The salad and herb bed. Lettuce, mints, strawberries, lavenders, and calendulas--what a sight. Pass the dressing please.

Bindu eating fresh and organic

Citrus tree (front) and Bay tree (back) at the southern end of the garden (note garden beds to the right to be used to grow bush foods!)

Locally grown organic peas for local 'berrans.

The eggplants are growing very well.

The capsicums are growing very well too.

The biggest tomato plant so far (as with the pumpkins, we are expecting a haul of tomatoes by the end of this season)

More radishes sprouting...they grow pretty quick and are pretty spicy too.

The dill flowering and feeling tall.

Dill inhabitant.

Jared weeding.

The product of sheer brawns: Steve, Jared and Lawrence's weed matting project. To ensure weeds don't grow on the planned mulched paths in between the beds, we laid out old carpet to suppress the weeds. And cutting and carrying old and dusty carpets is hardwork! But knowing we're able to hold the weeds off for future gardeners made the whole thing worth it.

Segregating Beds 3 and 4 officially (and the space in between is carpeted too!)
Sally watering Bed 2

Spanish onion, which probably ended up in Adam's dinner

The Garden has certainly come a long way. I can already foresee a lush green space with veggies, natives, and trees growing everywhere, smell all sorts of sweet and spicy scents, hear birds chirping, see some animal friends skipping about and lots of cool people with huge salad bowls.
Do you see it happening too?

See you all soon!

Friday, October 10, 2008

School Holidays (Sept 29-Oct 10)

Here's some pictures taken from the garden through the school holidays...lotsa dirt, lotsa greens, lotsa action, and lotsa smiling faces!

ready for transplanting

Aquila preparing the beds

transplanting tomatoes

watering lettuces is meant to be a father-daughter experience

Maddie and the biggest turnip to come out of the garden (1.1 kg!)

Katie helping herself to some peas

Hannah getting ready to plant a tree

Sally looking after Bed 4

Amy and our new pumpkin patch

Busy bodies: Josh, Steve, Amy, Sally, and Hannah

And the broadbeans start beaning

Sal transplanting lettuces to Bed 4.
The organic garden is tremendously thankful for all your help, wisdom, and coolness Sal!
We've managed to do so much work! Looking forward to more.

See you guys soon!