Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 22 & 25 (Early Spring, Very Warm)

This week, we were finally able to sow in some leek, radish, carrot, beetroot and spinach seeds for Bed 2 and potatoes for Bed 1! Barry also came by to drop over a new load of dirt, and Jenn to pick some peas!

Busy bees

Where would we be without Barry

Barry checking out the sweet peas
Steve transplanting the radish seedlings from the greenhouse
Amy and Paul

Thanks to everyone who came along! See you all soon!

Monday, September 22, 2008

September 15, 18 & 20 (Late Winter-Early Spring, Very Warm)

Had an awesome time picking peas this week, of which about 30% were consumed to fuel the job!
Went out to visit the O'Connor community garden as well on Saturday. Thanks so much to Greg for showing us around and giving us all his wonderful insights on community gardening. We took away so much from the tour! Rest assured, we'll be curious as to how your plot grows!

Steve and Leanne having a grand time picking the much awaited peas

ta-da. sweet and crisp.

Amy setting up some more seedlings

Evening out the dirt

Greg welcomes the O'Connor community garden visitors

urban agriculture

Greg shows us his thriving plot and his ingenious ways of working
around water and climate constraints

Zemma and Liz appreciating the greens

teepee staking (now we know)

2-stage compost bins, and a fallen leaves collector

keyhole-like arrangement

Finlay by an anti-frost pyramid

Pretty cool eh? Pretty excited to see how the ANU garden might fare against this plot during spring! (fingers crossed). For more info on the community gardens being run around Canberra visit the COGS website at

See you at the garden!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

September 8 & 11 (Late Winter-Early Spring, Very Warm)

Spring is slowly creeping its warmth over the garden! And we're all smiles as the great weather inspires us to get more work done and more seeds in!

On the way to the garden, signs of spring were everywhere

Steve finding alternative ways of dealing with bad(ly-written) news

expanded bed 1
they send feelers every now and then so you don't forget about them
Steve, Amy and Sally setting up the skeleton for the northern beds

Learned that the old seedling mix we used earlier may have been too rough, so here we're making a finer mix by using a makeshift sieve

The sun's out on the garden, you should be too!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

September 1&4 (Late Winter, Sunny and Drizzling)

Still working towards extending the garden, and revamping the beds for spring! And we're making great strides.

rainbow chard, rainbow roots
dug in the broadbeans and the peas
steve enjoying his fix of vitamin D
Steve and Amy and the endless supply of turnip

black earth, pink worms by bed 1&2

Trish and Amy adjusting Bed 1

Trish sowing some beetroot seeds into newspaper punnets the radishes are sprouting and so are the eggplants

3 greenhouses
See you all next week!